The chart below contains the results of the Qur’an competition 2019.

*Category 1
First place Zayd Farooqi
Second place Aseel Belhaj
Third place Ayesha Saif
*Category 2 – 1/4 Juzu (Az-Zalzila – An-Naas)
First place Sanah Shah
Second place Mailiha Smith
Third place Shayan Khan
*Category 3 – From 1/2 Juz’ (Al-A’la- An-Naas)
First place Arsh Rayyan
Second place Tasneem Mokhtar
Third place Raiyan Mokhtar
Category 4 – From Juz’ 30
First place Nabeel A. Virmani
Second place Shuaib Malik
Third place Arshia Aziz
Category 5 – From Juz’ 29
First place Hooriyah Mokhtar
Second place Belhaj Syed
Third place Adeeb Kakkidi
Category 6 – From Juz’ 26, 27 & 28
First place Sajjad Zia
Second place Abdur Rahman
Third place Ilyaas Ramos
Category 7 – From Juz’ 27 & 28
First place Hafsa Habibullah
Second place Aadil Kakkidi
Third place Ahmad Siddiqui

For those who are not on the above list, also did very good job! however came 1-2 points below and as a nature of the competition like this has to select a winner and this time some of you came in the top bi-idnillah.

May Allah Azza-wa-jal reward all your efforts and as you always remember reciting Quran and memorizing is for the pleasure of Allah azza wa-jal.

And we all should continue to practice and improve In sha Allah and you will still get immense rewards for every letter you recite and memorize!