The Rules of Judging

  • The judging will be conducted by qualified judges.
  • The judges/admin decisions will be final.
  • In each category the contestants will be asked to recite two different sections from two Surahs selected/picked from a box (random pick).
  • The grades are from 100 points and will be determined as follows:
    • The quality of the memorization – 80 points
    • The proper pronunciation of the letters, words and the ability to control Tarteel (rhythm) the voice – 20 points
    • Further detailed rules (Detail Testing Rules and Guidelines)
  • The memorization tests will be judged according to the rules of Riwayat Hafs ‘an ‘Asim.

General Guidelines

  • A participant can compete in only one category.
  • There are a total of 7 Categories (categories details)
  • Age criteria:
    • Category – 1 : Contestants must be Six years and under
    • Category -2  : Contestants must be Ten years and under
    • Categories 3 and above Contestants must be 16 years old or under.
  • Registration will be open from 9:30AM
  • The testing will start from 10:00AM
  • Testing will happen in the Big Masjid & Gym Area.
  • All the Quran competition participants will receive a medal/trophies + goody bags
  • Top three from all the Categories will receive trophies
  • Categories from 1-2 will receive gift card prizes.
  • Categories from 4 and above will receive cash prizes.
  • All children attending the Award Ceremony will receive a goody bag
  • All winners must be present at the Award Ceremony in order to receive awards, prizes and trophies.